How Process Mining can save you 85% in costs from your most critical back-office activities

Process streamlining is necessary for any business concerned with increasing efficiency, cutting costs, and automating activities in their operational processes, but it can be a daunting task if you don’t know which activities to focus on or the benefits you’ll receive from your change initiatives.

myInvenio is a Process Mining and Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) solution that helps businesses streamline their processes by automatically discovering the most critical activities in terms of KPIs, showing the benefits from change initiatives up front, and continuously monitoring the process in order to stay on track with business goals. 

Register to our free on-demand webinar to see the customer success story of a leading Italian bank who used the myInvenio solution to immediately save 85% in back-office activity costs by:

- Reducing process lead time of the most critical process activities
- Increasing activity compliance and removing non-compliance risks
- Discovering the best candidate activities for RPA initiatives
- Calculating expected ROI before implementing changes

myInvenio is recognized by Gartner as a representative vendor in the Market Guide for Process Mining.

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