Optimize Your RPA For Hyperautomation

RPA is the foundation of hyperautomation and the starting point for businesses that want to digitize their workforce.

Many businesses find it difficult to reach their automation goals because they constantly run into pain points that slow them down.

With myInvenio, you can immediately eliminate the 2 biggest pain points that decelerate your RPA and cost you time, money and effort, enabling you to rapidly transition from automation to hyperautomation and unlock long-term business value.



The 2 Biggest Pain Points That Decelerate Your RPA Journey

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Equip Your DigitalOps Toolbox myInvenio process mining and digital twin of an organization dto icon

Equip Your DigitalOps Toolbox

The DigitalOps toolbox for automation contains all the necessary tools you need to successfully oversee the integration of automation, in all its various forms, into your business process as well as manage the behavior and optimization of the entire end-to-end process. RPA is among the essential tools found inside the DigitalOps toolbox to help you reach hyperautomation. 

myInvenio supplies businesses with a set of powerful DigitalOps tools that ensure continuous process optimization and added value throughout your entire automation journey.

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According to Deloitte, the two biggest pain points in RPA are:


of automation initiatives reach a 50 robot scale


of automation resources are spent on pre-automation efforts

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Learn how the myInvenio enables you to:

Select the best candidate for automation myInvenio process mining and digital twin of an organization dto icon

Select the best candidate for automation

myInvenio automatically discovers and analyzes your business activities and  user interaction data, showing you which tasks provide the most benefit once automated.

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Test your RPA strategy before implementationmyInvenio process mining and digital twin of an organization dto icon

Test your RPA strategy before implementation

Find the best strategy for your automation initiatives by creating what-if scenarios and testing them in your digital process model.

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Continuously monitor your automation myInvenio process mining and digital twin of an organization dto icon

Continuously monitor your automation

Analyze your bots after implementation to ensure they’re behaving as expected and always adding value.

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About myInvenio

myInvenio is a process mining and Digital Twin of an Organization solution that offers a low-cost, fail-fast approach to analyze, constantly monitor and improve business processes, and drive digital transformation. myInvenio discovers the end-to-end process streamline and identifies process behavior, compliance, performance, resources involved and their roles. Its advanced analytics monitor process deviation, KPI alignment, and bottlenecks. myInvenio has been recognized as Cool Vendor in Analytics by Gartner (2016) and Hot Vendor in BPM by Aragon Research (2018). World-class organizations trust myInvenio. Our customers include: FCA, Chiesi Pharmaceuticals, KPMG, Deloitte, Credem Bank, Prysmian Group, and more.