The leading process mining and automatic business process discovery (ABPD) tool delivered worldwide.

Process Mining is defined by discovering, monitoring and improving real processes by extracting knowledge from event logs from enterprise information technology such as BPM and CRM systems. 

Deep industry knowledge is unveiled in multiple use cases and white papers of myInvenio.

Drive real measurable return on investment by process mining with myInvenio

The solution is able to automatically discover, and model processes from any enterprise with complex operations. 

Projects are constantly improved through the tool's ability to constantly monitor processes and to drive knowledge through analytics such as conformance checking, social network analytics, and predictive analytics.

Unravel how the solution leads the process mining discipline.

Download the use case of myInvenio to learn more about its advantages.

Experts are able to provide additional insight upon request by sending additional white papers, use cases, case studies and live demos.

Discover in this Order-to-Cash case study how myInvenio is an innovator in process mining by:

  • Instantly Discovers and Represents all Activities in an Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Platform
  • Immediately Identifies Non-Conform Cases with a Root-Case Analysis
  • Redesigns the Process in order to Reduce Logistics Blocks and Credit Blocks
  • Constantly Unveils Oppportunities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Enablement
  • Reduces Costs and Throughput Time
  • Improves Redesign and Control of Business Processes
  • Drives Operational Excellence Through Operational Support